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Randazzo v. Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc

Randazzo v. Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc - Issue Whether...

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Randazzo v. Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc. 117 F.R.D. 557 (1987) Fact: Operative Facts: This is a case regarding asbestos. The case was dismissed because of failure to state the corporations principle place of business and place of incorporation. Corporations have two citizenships (unlike people where they only have one). It was mostly bashing the counsel + adding, the reason that they are strict upon subject matter jurisdiction is because it lowers the caseload for federal courts, and it’s unconstitutional. The power is reserved for the states.
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Unformatted text preview: Issue: Whether there was subject matter jurisdiction Rule: The plaintiff/complaint has the burden of proof of showing it. Rational: cross your t’s dot your I’s or else you’ll get a judge mad. Holding: Case was dismiss because of lack of evidence. Counsel failed to file where the corporation was incorporated, and where the primary business is located. Synthesis: Dissent/Concurrences:...
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