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Revell v. Lidov - Revell v Lidov 317 F.3d 467(2002 Fact...

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Revell v. Lidov 317 F.3d 467 (2002) Fact: Operative Facts: Revell is an FBI Associate Deputy Director. Lidov is a student at Harvard Medical School, and wrote a lengthy article about a terrorist bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, stating that the FBI, specifically Revell knew about the attack and had ample time to stop it, but didn’t. He even took his son off the flight. Lidov posted this on the Columbia University site, where people can upload and read other people’s paperwork. It was viewable to the members of public. LIdov is a resident of Massachusetts, and has no real connection to Texas, where the law suit was. Columbia University’s principle office is in NYC. Revell is a Texas resident. The District Court dismissed the claim based on lack of personal jurisdiction Issue: Whether there was any personal or general jurisdiction Texas had over Lidov and Columbia University, because they used the internet. Rule:
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