Stanard for Specific Jurisdiction

Stanard for Specific Jurisdiction - must be a nexus...

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To find specific Jurisdiction, the courts will use international shoes. Under international shoes, the courts must find that there was minimum contact, and that it would not be inconsistent with the traditional notion of fair play and substantial justice. This will be measured up against to see if the defendant could have expected to be hauled into the court in the forum state. To measure if there was minimum contact, the court must find that the defendant had purposefully availed himself to the forum state. Also to find specific personal jurisdiction, there
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Unformatted text preview: must be a nexus relating to the activities or actions of the defendant, with the claim of the plaintiff. (two theories, one of relating to and another of arising out of.) To measure if it would not offend the notions of fair play and substantial justice, the courts will use the reasonable test, with the following five factors: Interest of the plaintiff, burden of the defendant, interest of society, interest of the forum state, and efficient interest of the judicial system ....
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