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Hum Lecture- Mar 10, 2008

Hum Lecture- Mar 10, 2008 - Protagoras Materialist...

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March 10, 2008 Protagoras Great Speech You Win, Socrates! 1. Knowledge Knowledge of the idea of goodness is abstract Being virtuous means that you will never do evil 2. Plato’s Philosophical Program Claim to teach political virtue or knowledge or “political craft” 3. Idealism: “Idea” of Goodness 4. “craft”: The Political Craft agenda is to force Protagoras on what the political craft might be Define: knowledge of the form of goodness Political craftsman: produces justice and virtue within the community, physician to a city Technical knowledge was divided unequally If political knowledge is a craft then they are called specialist on the subject. These experts would be philosophers
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Unformatted text preview: Protagoras Materialist Anthropology 1. The First dispensation • Plato within city his own logical perspective • Technical Knowledge and Reason • Primitive struggle for survival Live this way because of the Lack political virtue • Need Political form Material force cause of human society, reason to create cities 2. The Second Dispensation The Political virtues: needed in order to live in a city, anyone that totally lacks political virtue is told to be exiled Justice (Dike) “Conscience,” “Respect” (aidos) 1. sense of shame incorporations 3. Materialist Account: • God, Human Nature vs. Environment...
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