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Principles of Speech Midterm Review Guide October 2010 If you know this information you will do well on the Midterm Exam! CHAPTER ONE: THE ESSENTIALS OF HUMAN COMMUNICATION Using information from the POS textbook, define in your own words Human Communication. Human Communication is the sending and receiving of verbal and nonverbal messages According to the POS textbook what are the 7 forms of Human Communication ? Please explain in detail each form. I) Intrapersonal – communication with yourself II) interpersonal communication – interaction with a person you’ve already known III) Interviewing – question and answer IV) Small group or team communication – communication amongst a group of 5 to 10 V) Public communication – speaker and audience VI) Computer mediated communication – communication via computer VII) Mass communication – one source to many receivers What are the five popular beliefs about Human Communication? I)
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midterm_study_guide_Fall_2010 - Principles of Speech...

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