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dreams of my father

dreams of my father - Unlike most during that time they...

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Taylor Mitchell @02645077 English Comp. Dr. Shinn 11/3/10 Dreams from My Father Abstract What is the meaning of “having the best of both worlds”? President Barack Obama can best answer that question. Having a White American mother and African father, he was exposed to two different cultures. Although his father wasn’t there for him and his mother died when he was young, his grandparents and aunts and uncles played a vital role in his life growing up. Obama’s White grandparents were very accepting of Obama’s father.
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Unformatted text preview: Unlike most during that time they weren’t racist or discriminated against anyone. They showed and gave respect to everyone, (chapter 1 p.18) “while the two of them chatted in the hallway one day, a secretary in the office stormed up and hissed that Toot should never, ever, ‘call no nigger Mister’,”. Barack Obama’s mother and grandparents were truly color blind giving Obama a secure and peaceful community to grow up in....
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