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Blaw vocabulary - Vocabulary Statues of limitations Time...

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Vocabulary Statues of limitations- Time periods for different types of cases are fixed and after the time allowed has expired no action can be brought. Stare decisis- Stand on decided cases Jurisdiction- the power to speak the law. In rem jurisdiction- jurisdiction over the thing. Long arm statute- a court can exercise personal jurisdiction over certain out of state defendants based on activities that took place within the state. Diversity of citizenship- whenever federal court has jurisdiction over a case that does not involve a question of federal law. Plaintiff and defendant must be residents of different states and dollar amount exceeds 75,000 Standing to sue- sufficient stake in mater to justify relief through court system. Question of fact- what really happened Question of law- application interpretation of the law. Writ of certiorari- order issued by supreme court to lower court requiring to send up record of case for review. Rule of four- 4 of 9 supreme court justices most approve for writ. Litigation- the process of resolving dispute through the court system. Negotiation- parties attempt to settle their dispute informally with or without attorneys. Mediation- parties attempt to
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Blaw vocabulary - Vocabulary Statues of limitations Time...

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