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0 mnm d maximum displacement of spring d find max w

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Unformatted text preview: ximum displacement of spring d Find max W 545 kN 450 mm v vmax KINETIC ENERGY BEFORE IMPACT KE Wv2 2g vmax kd2 2 v 2 A W/g d kd2 W/g k ; A (545 kN)/(9.81 m/s2) SUBSTITUTE NUMERICAL VALUES: max Mv2 2 U Wv2 2g 8.0 MN/m (450 mm) 5400 mm/s 5.4 m/s Problem 2.8-11 A bumper for a mine car is constructed with a spring of stiffness k 1120 lb/in. (see figure). If a car weighing 7 mph when it strikes the 3450 lb is traveling at velocity spring, what is the maximum shortening of the spring? ; v k 219...
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