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0 in what is the maximum shear stress max in the

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Unformatted text preview: max in the shaft? (b) If the shear stress is limited to 4000 psi, what is the minimum permissible diameter dmin of the shaft? 50 hp Solution 3.7-1 Generator shaft n 120 rpm TORQUE H 50 hp d diameter H 2pnT H 33,000 T 33,000 H 2pn (33,000)(50 hp) 2p(120 rpm) 2188 1b-ft 26,260 1b-in. hp n (a) MAXIMUM SHEAR STRESS d 3.0 in. rpm T max 1b-ft tmax tmax 16T 16(26,260 1b-in.) 3 p (3.0 in.)3 pd 4950 psi ; (b) MINIMUM DIAMETER dmin allow d3 dmin 4000 psi 16T ptallow 3.22 in. 16(26,260 1b-in.) p (4000 psi) ; 33.44 in.3...
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