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1 minimum outer diameter solve eq 1 numerically d 4

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Unformatted text preview: Eq. (1) numerically: d 4) Min. d1 1.221 d ; Problem 3.7-8 What is the maximum power that can be delivered by a hollow propeller shaft (outside diameter 50 mm, inside diameter 40 mm, and shear modulus of elasticity 80 GPa) turning at 600 rpm if the allowable shear stress is 100 MPa and the allowable rate of twist is 3.0°/m? Solution 3.7-8 Hollow propeller shaft d2 50 mm d1 G 80 GPa n BASED UPON ALLOWABLE RATE OF TWIST T2 T2 GIP allow u GIP 40 mm 600 rpm allow 100 MPa p4 (d 32 2 IP allow d4) 1 3.0°/m 362.3 * 10 9 m4 T (80 GPa) (362.3 * 10 2 *a...
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