403_Mechanics SolutionInstructors_Sol.Manual-Mechanics_Materials_7e.book_Gere_light.1

403_Mechanics SolutionInstructors_Sol.Manual-Mechanics_Materials_7e.book_Gere_light.1

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Unformatted text preview: 05Ch05.qxd 9/24/08 4:59 AM Page 397 397 SECTION 5.5 Normal Stresses in Beams Problem 5.5-8 During construction of a highway bridge, the main girders are cantilevered outward from one pier toward the next (see figure). Each girder has a cantilever length of 48 m and an I-shaped cross section with dimensions shown in the figure. The load on each girder (during construction) is assumed to be 9.5 kN/m, which includes the weight of the girder. Determine the maximum bending stress in a girder due to this load. 52 mm 2600 mm 28 mm 620 mm Solution 5.5-8 NUMERICAL DATA tf 52 mm h 2600 mm bf L 48 m I 1 (b ) h3 12 f I L qL a b 2 Mmax h 2I Mmax kN 9.5 m Mmax 1.094 * 104 kN m 1.41 * 1011 mm4 tw q 28 mm 1 (b 12 f 620 mm smax smax tw) [ h ; 101 MPa 2 (tf)]3 Problem 5.5-9 The horizontal beam ABC of an oil-well pump has the cross section shown in the figure. If the vertical pumping force acting at end C is 9 k and if the distance from the line of action of that force to point B is 16 ft, what is the maximum bending stress in the beam due to the pumping force? Horizontal beam transfers loads as part of oil well pump C B A 0.875 in. 22 in. 0.625 in. 8.0 in. ...
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