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705 mm a location of the neutral axis channel alone

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Unformatted text preview: CHANNEL ALONE) y0 Ic Ac # e y0 ; 21.5 mm P sc Pe P + c A I2 165.025 kN P Pe c A I1 bf + 76 mm 4.028 * 103 mm2 A h P st 1 e + c2 Ac Ic 133.4 mm CENTROID OF COMPOSITE SECTION c12 + 2 AL 1bf + cL2 Ac 1bf c A c I 59.367 mm Ic + Ac 1bf c22 c1 + 2 IL + 2 AL 1bf + cL I (b) FIND PMAX st Ac + 2 AL h 52 MPa ECCENTRICITY OF THE LOAD e 0.512 * 106 mm4 COMPOSITE SECTION ALLOWABLE STRESSES st IL 2.845 * 106 mm4 e bf c22 bf tw 2 c e 4.762 mm 57.4 mm LOCATION OF THE NEUTRAL AXIS y0 I Ae y0 148.3 mm ; 491...
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