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550_Mechanics - 06Ch06.qxd 544 5:59 AM Page 544 CHAPTER 6 Stresses in Beams(Advanced Topics Solution 6.9-1 C 15 40 bf 15.0 in 3.520 in b d tf tw

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Unformatted text preview: 06Ch06.qxd 9/24/08 544 5:59 AM Page 544 CHAPTER 6 Stresses in Beams (Advanced Topics) Solution 6.9-1 C 15 * 40 bf 15.0 in. 3.520 in. b d tf tw 0.650 in. 0.520 in. b bf tw 2 tf h h d e 14.350 in. 3b2 tf h tw + 6 btf 3.260 in. e 1.027 in. ; Problem 6.9-2 Calculate the distance e from the centerline of the web of a C 310 45 channel section to the shear center S (see figure). (Note: For purposes of analysis, consider the flanges to be rectangles with thickness tf equal to the average flange thickness given in Table E-3b in Appendix E.) Solution 6.9-2 C 310 * 45 bf d 80.5 mm 305 mm tf 12.7 mm tw 13.0 mm b bf tw 2 b 74.0 mm h d tf h e 3b tf htw + 6btf e 22.1 mm Problem 6.9-3 The cross section of an unbalanced wide-flange ; y beam is shown in the figure. Derive the following formula for the distance h1 from the centerline of one flange to the shear center S: h1 292.3 mm 2 t2 t2b3h 2 z t1b3 + t2b3 1 2 b1 t1 S Also, check the formula for the special cases of a T-beam (b2 t2 0) and a balanced wide-flange beam (t2 t1 and b2 b1). h1 h2 h Solution 6.9-3 Unbalanced wide-flange beam FLANGE 1: t1 VQ Izt1 Q (b1/2)(t1)(b1/4) t1 Vb2 1 8Iz F1 2 (t1)(b1)(t1) 3 b2 C t1b2 1 8 Vt1b3 1 12Iz ...
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