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658_Mechanics SolutionInstructors_Sol.Manual-Mechanics_Materials_7e.book_Gere_light.1

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Unformatted text preview: 08Ch08.qxd 9/18/08 652 11:03 AM Page 652 CHAPTER 8 Applications of Plane Stress Problem 8.2-6 A spherical steel pressure vessel (diameter 480 mm, Cracks in coating thickness 8.0 mm) is coated with brittle lacquer that cracks when the strain reaches 150 10 6 (see figure). What internal pressure p will cause the lacquer to develop cracks? (Assume E 205 GPa and v 0.30.) Solution 8.2-6 Spherical vessel with brittle coating CROSS-SECTION Cracks occur when From Eq. (8-4): âmax ‹P r 240 mm t E 8.0 mm P 205 GPa (steel) v 0.30 150 10 pr (1 2tE max 6 v) 2tE âmax r(1 v) 2(8.0 mm)(205 GPa)(150 * 10 (240 mm)(0.70) 6 ) ; 2.93 MPa Problem 8.2-7 A spherical tank of diameter 48 in. and wall thickness 1.75 in. contains compressed air at a pressure of 2200 psi. The tank is constructed of two hemispheres joined by a welded seam (see figure). Weld (a) What is the tensile load f (lb per in. of length of weld) carried by the weld? (b) What is the maximum shear stress tmax in the wall of the tank? (c) What is the maximum normal strain in the wall? (For steel, assume E 30 106 psi and v 0.29.) Probs. 8.2-7 and 8.2-8 Solution 8.2-7 r 24 in. t 1.75 in. E 106 psi 30 v (b) MAXIMUM SHEAR STRESS IN WALL (EQ. 8-3) 0.29 (steel) tmax pr 4t (2200 psi)(24 in.) 4 (1.75 in.) 7543 psi (a) TENSILE LOAD CARRIED BY WELD T Total load T pA f T c f ppr 2 p1pr 22 2pr 26.4 k/in. c pr 2 ; (c) MAXIMUM NORMAL STRAIN IN WALL (EQ. 8-4) load per inch Circumference of tank (2200 psi)(24 in.) 2 2pr âmax pr (1 v) 2 tE 3.57 * 10 4 (2200 psi)(24 in.)(0.71) 2(1.75 in.)130106 psi2 ; ...
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