664_Mechanics SolutionInstructors_Sol.Manual-Mechanics_Materials_7e.book_Gere_light.1

664_Mechanics SolutionInstructors_Sol.Manual-Mechanics_Materials_7e.book_Gere_light.1

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Unformatted text preview: 08Ch08.qxd 9/18/08 658 11:03 AM Page 658 CHAPTER 8 Applications of Plane Stress FOR PURE SHEAR, the stresses s1 and s2 must be equal in magnitude and opposite in sign (see, e.g., Fig. 7-11 in Section 7.3). s1 OR s2 a pr t F b 2prt pr 2t 3ppr2 Solve for F: F ; Problem 8.3-5 A strain gage is installed in the longitudinal direction on the surface of an aluminum beverage can (see figure). The radius-to-thickness ratio of the can is 200. When the lid of the can is popped open, the strain changes by 0 170 10 6. What was the internal pressure p in the can? (Assume E 10 106 psi and v 0.33.) 12 FL OZ (355 mL) Solution 8.3-5 Aluminum can STRAIN IN LONGITUDINAL DIRECTION (EQ. 8-11a) â2 pr (1 2tE â2 â0 or p 2v) ‹ p 2tEâ2 r(1 2v) 2tEâ0 (r)(1 2v) 2Eâ0 (r/t) (1 2v) Substitute numerical values: r t 200 0 E 10 6 10 psi p v 0.33 change in strain when pressure is released 170 10 6 Find internal pressure p. 2(10 * 106 psi)(170 * 10 (200)(1 0.66) 6 ) 50 psi ; ...
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