699_Mechanics SolutionInstructors_Sol.Manual-Mechanics_Materials_7e.book_Gere_light.1

699_Mechanics SolutionInstructors_Sol.Manual-Mechanics_Materials_7e.book_Gere_light.1

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Unformatted text preview: 08Ch08.qxd 9/18/08 11:06 AM Page 693 693 SECTION 8.5 Combined Loadings Problem 8.5-16 A sign is supported by a pipe (see figure) having outer 2.0 m diameter 110 mm and inner diameter 90 mm. The dimensions of the sign are 2.0 m 1.0 m, and its lower edge is 3.0 m above the base. Note that the center of gravity of the sign is 1.05 m from the axis of the pipe. The wind pressure against the sign is 1.5 kPa. Determine the maximum in-plane shear stresses due to the wind pressure on the sign at points A, B, and C, located on the outer surface at the base of the pipe. Rose’s Editing Co. 1.0 m 1.05 m to c.g. Pipe 110 mm 3.0 m X B X A A B C Section X-X Solution 8.5-16 PIPE: d2 I p4 (d 64 2 Ip 2I Q 1 1d 3 12 2 Q d1 A 2m2 a3 + b 1.05 m 4 d 1) Ip 90 mm I 7.933 t 3.966 10 mm MAXIMUM SHEAR STRESS AT POINT A 5.017 * 104 mm3 h SIGN: 110 mm 106 mm4 106 mm4 d 32 1 Area 1 bm 2 Height from the base to the center of gravity of the sign sx 0 sy Md 2 2I sy 145.603 MPa txy horizontal distance from the center of gravity of the sign to the axis of the pipe Td 2 2Ip txy 21.84 MPa tmax WIND PRESSURE pw P 1.5 kPa pw A P A tmax 76.0 MPa 3 kN STRESS RESULTANTS AT THE BASE M Ph M 10.5 kN # m T Pb T 3.15 kN # m V P V 3 kN a sy sx 2 C 2 b + t2 xy ; ...
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