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The pipes are not attached to the column and friction

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Unformatted text preview: column, and friction between the pipes and the column is unreliable. The base of the column provides a fixed support, and the column is 13 ft long. Determine the critical load for the column, considering Euler buckling in the plane of the web and also perpendicular to the plane of the web. W8 Solution 11.4-5 Wide-flange steel column W 8 * 21 E L 13 ft I2 9.77 in.4 AXIS 1-1 (FIXED-FREE) 30 * 103 ksi 156 in. I1 4 75.3 in. Pcr p2 EI1 4L2 229 k AXIS 2-2 (FIXED-PINNED) Pcr 2.046p2 EI2 L2 243 k Buckling about axis 1-1 governs. Pcr 229 k ; 21...
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