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civilization - Copy - food for the community and start the...

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Jinal Patel Professor Fatemi Western Civilization September 28, 2011 Civilization Civilization is the development of human culture in which people live in urban centers, know how to survive, and created their own method of writing that's understandable. Many of the first civilizations began in cities, which were larger and more complex than Neolithic culture, in terms of political, economic, and social culture. The first civilization on earth was created in Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) by the Sumerians. In order to form a civilization, the four elements are necessary, which are "economic provision, political organization, moral traditions and the pursuit of knowledge, and the arts". The economic provision means that humans must create some form of supply and demand. To be known man must own a business in the community, therefore man started providing quantities of
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Unformatted text preview: food for the community, and start the business, so he could earn some money, and keep his name in the society. Political organization was created to control the community that was building up, and the community thought the elders were the best for this job, as they were wiser, and people would follow their orders. The pursuit of knowledge made man start creating new methods to survive and provide, one of the first methods is the language, or communication. They needed some way to communicate, so they used letters and numbers to make the communication easier. Many scientific discoveries were made, such as the world is round, and the art in the world is needed for a civilization to entertain them, get away from life and enjoy the beauty of art. Source: http://www.willdurant.com/civilication.htm....
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civilization - Copy - food for the community and start the...

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