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Jinal Patel English composition I Professor Guglielmotti September 14 2011 There are some types of writing that are emotionally written and some that are to impress the reader. For example, according to Kurt Vonnegut writing should always be from your heart, emotionally written, with ones true feelings. I agree with the author of the article, when one writes with their true feeling, it has more hard work towards with, and also says the truth of what the write truly feels about the topic. Usually, when a writer writes from the heart, it has more value to it, and attracts the reader’s attention more, and makes them feel involved in the topic being written. During high school, when my English teacher gave us an assay to do, they would sometimes give us a topic that the students could relate to, and have a personal experience towards it, which made it much easier, much more interesting to write about, and the reader would be eager to read what’s next. When a topic is relatable to one’s life, and experience, it
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Unformatted text preview: always comes from the heart, and is has some meaning, and emotion towards it. A writer should never write from his/her heart, according to William Zinsser. He believes that writers should come from the head. He thinks that writing is not a joke that one can just start writing what he feels, thinks, or believes. According to William, a writer has to go through a process before he starts writing. He has to think about the beginning, climax, and an end. He has to start thinking about all the minor details and how his story will flow. According to me, it does not really matter how you write, it is all about how hard you work on it to make it a better story. I think what Kurt is trying to say right. Every story needs a feeling that the reader will feel and which will take in to a different place at a different time....
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