Alexander lord of war - Copy

Alexander lord of war - Copy - Jinal Patel Western...

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Unformatted text preview: Jinal Patel Western Civilization Professor Fatemi November 30 2011 Alexander the Great: Lord Of War The video focuses on Alexander the great, the son of Phillips II. By the fourth century BC, he conquered and ruled half of the world. Alexander was muscular, charismatic, technician, and a brilliant strategist. His empire stretched from Greece to Egypt to Afghanistan. Now, he was on the road to conquering India, but two rivers made it difficult for him: Hydaspes and Indus river. Along with the rivers, 3/4 of the Indian army, led by Porus was waiting across the rivers to battle Alexander's army. Porus was 6ft. which was a giant compared to 4th century standard. Indian army was also accompanied by 200 war elephants highly trained and ready to attack. Alexander conquers Taxlia, an Indian city, and makes it his base camp. Alexander postpones crossing until next season due to hazardous weather and Indian army. In Taxila, Alexander plans to distract Indian with music, fries, etc. and begins moving his army....
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Alexander lord of war - Copy - Jinal Patel Western...

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