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Algebraic Solutions of Differential Equations 9 The associated graded module is given by ( grj~ (A~174 Consider the exact sequence ( 0 -~ gr~ -~ K~ 2 -, gr ~ -~ 0 whose term of degree v is ( O-~ f~| ~-, K~ ~ff)-~ W ~-~O. ( For each integer v> 1, we define in this way a functor W from the category EXT(~ fq) of extensions of ~ by f~ to the category EXT (A~ ~, f#| ~-a ~) of extensions of W o~ by fr | W-a ~ Passing to the (groups of) isomor- phism classes of objects of these categories, we obtain a morphism, still denoted A ~, ( A~: Ext~x(~, fr Ext~,,(AV~,c.9| ~). Because ~ is locally free, the sheaf Ext~x(~, ~9) vanishes, and the local =~ global spectral sequence of Ext furnishes us with an isomorphism ( Ext~s (~, fq) ~ H a (X, Homr f9)). Similarly, the local freeness of A ~ ~ furnishes an isomorphism ( Ext~,,(A~, (r174 ~-~ ~),,~HX(H, Homr ~| ~)). Let us make explicit the two identifications ( and ( bis),
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