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Algebraic Solutions of Differential Equations 61 ( Lemma. The morphism ( of spectral sequences induces an isomorphism between ( and the sub-spectral sequence in local systems of ( obtained by taking germs of local horizontal sections. Proof Let's denote by E~(an) the terms of ( by E,(an) v their sheaves of germs of horizontal sections, and by E,(abs) the terms of ( It follows from the definition of the Gauss-Manin connection in terms of the Koszul filtration (cf. (1.4)) that the canonical morphisms E,(abs)-* E,(an) factor through E~(an) v. It remains only to prove induc- tively that the mappings E, (abs) -* E, (an) v are isomorphisms. For r = 1, this is proven in [6]. Below we will indicate another con- ceptual proof (cf. (4.1.2)). Suppose the result for all r<r o. Because the functor "germs of horizontal sections" is exact, E,o+~(an) v is the first
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Unformatted text preview: cohomology sheaf of the complex ( E~o(an) v dv~ ' E,o(an) v dr~ E~o(an) v. By induction, this complex receives isomorphically the complex ( Ero(abs ) ar~ ,E,o(abs) a*~ whose first cohomology sheaf is E,o+l(abs ). This implies that Ero+l(abs) - ,Ero+l(an) v, and proves the lemma. We may now conclude the proof of (4.1.1) by noting the filtered quasi- isomorphisms (cf. ( and [8], ( and Prop. (3.1.8)) ((Qi-/c (log D)) "n, W), ' ((Q]/c (log D)) "n, z <__ .) ( l (j, (t]~/~), z =< .). Q.E.D. In the course of the above, we made use of the following fact, applied to X a" and the intersections/)anc~ c~ D an S an, -iL "" i, over in order to prove that ( was an isomorphism for r= 1. (4.1.2) Proposition. Let f: Ys 5 r be a proper and smooth morphism of complex manifolds. The canonical morphism of sheaves on 5 ~ ( Rqf,(C) ~, Rqf,(t2~/c) ,Rqf,(a~/~)...
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