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Algebraic Solutions of Differential Equations 117 7. Deligne, P.: Equations diff6rentielles ~ points singuliers r6guliers. Lecture Notes in Mathematics 163. Berlin-Heidelberg-New York: Springer 1970. 8, Deligne, P.: Th6orie de Hodge, Publ. Math. I. H. E. S. 40 (1971). 8a. Dwork, B.: P-adic cycles. Publ. Math. I. H. E. S. 37, 27-115 (1970). 9. Goursat, E.: L'Equation d'Euler et de Gauss. Paris: Hermann 1936. 10. Goursat, E.: Int6grales Alg6briques. Paris: Hermann 1938. 11. Griffiths, P.: Periods of integrals on algebraic manifolds; summary of main results and discussion of open problems. Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 75, 2, 228-296 (1970). 12. Grothendieck, A., Dieudonne, J.: El6ments de g6om6trie alg6brique, Publ. Math. I. H. E. S. 4, 8, 11, 17, 20, 24, 28, 32. 13. Grothendieck, A.: Fondements de la g6om6trie alg6brique. Secr6tariat math6matique, 11, rue Pierre Curie, Paris 5 ~ , 1962. 14. Grothendieck, A.: On the de Rham cohomology of algebraic varieties. Publ. Math. I. H. E. S. 29 (1966).
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