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118 N.M. Katz: Algebraic Solutions of Differential Equations 33a. Messing, W., Mazur, B.: Cristalline cohomology and the universal extension of an abelian scheme. (To appear.) 34. Mumford, D.: Abelian varieties. Bombay: Oxford University Press 1971. 35. Oda, T., Katz, N.: On the differentiation of de Rham cohomology classes with respect to parameters. J. Math. Kyoto Univer. 8, 199-213 (1968). 36. Raynaud, M.: Gromrtrie algrbrique et grom&rie analytique. Expos6 XII, SGA 1. Lecture Notes in Mathematics 224. Berlin-Heidelberg-New York: Springer 1971. 37. Serre, J.P.: Reprrsentations linraires des groupes finis. Paris: Hermann 1967. 38. Serre, J.P.: Sur la topologie des varirtrs algrbriques en caractrristique p. Symposio International de Topologia Algebraica. Mexico, 1958. 39. Serre, J.P.: Gromrtrie algrbrique et grom6trie analytique. Ann Inst. Fourier. Grenoble 6, 1-42 (1956).
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Unformatted text preview: 40. Tate, J.: W-C groups over p-adic fields. Expos6 156. Srminaire Bourbaki 1957/1958. New-York: W.A. Benjamin 1966. 41. Tessier, B., Lejeune, M.: Quelques calculs utiles pour la rrsolution des singularitrs. Multigraph available from Centre de Mathrmatiques, Ecole Polytechnique, 17, rue Descartes, Paris 5 ~ , (1971). 42. Verdier, J.L.: Base change for twisted inverse image of coherent sheaves. Algebraic geometry. Bombay: Oxford University Press 1968. 43. Weil, A.: Varirtrs K/ihlrriennes. Act. Sci. et Ind. 1267, Paris: Hermann 1958. ,14. Weil, A.: Jacobi sums as "GrGBencharaktere". Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 73, 487-495 (1952). 45. Whittaker, E.T., Watson, G.N.: A course of modem anal~,sis. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 1962. Nicholas M. Katz Fine Hall Department of Mathematics Princeton University Princeton, N.J. 08540 USA (Received May 31, 1972)...
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