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Ordinary Diff Eq Exam Review Solutions 27

Ordinary Diff Eq Exam Review Solutions 27 - 1 Solutions The...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Solutions The integrating factor is Integrating and simplifying gives condition implies . Thus . . The initial so input rate for Tank 2: input rate g min output rate for Tank 2: 29 output rate The initial value problem for Tank 2 is thus L min g L L min g L g . min When this equation is put in standard form we get The integrating factor is . Thus Integrating and simplifying gives The initial condition implies so Section 1.5 1. In standard form we get which is homogeneous since the degrees of the numerator and denominator are each two. Let . Then and so . Separating variables gives . Integrating gives Substituting gives . So . . ...
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