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Graphical Methods-Summary A graph is one of the most effective representations of the relationship between two variables. The independent variable (one controlled by the experimenter) is usually placed on the x-axis. The dependent variable (one that responds to changes in the independent variable) is usually placed on the y-axis. It is important for you to be able interpret a graphical relationship and express it in a written statement and by means of an algebraic expression. Graph shape Written relationship Modification required to linearize graph Algebraic representation
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Unformatted text preview: y x As x increases, y remains the same. There is no relationship between the variables. None , or y is constant y x As x increases, y increases proportionally. Y is directly proportional to x. None y x As x increases, y decreases. Y is inversely proportional to x. Graph , or y x Y is proportional to the square of x. Graph y vs x 2 y x The square of y is proportional to x. Graph y 2 vs x When you state the relationship, tell how y depends on x ( e.g., as x increases, y …). ©Modeling Workshop Project 2002 1 Unit I Reading - GM summary v2.0...
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