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NAME___________________________________ ___________________________ LAST FIRST Panther ID SECTION: A.M. P.M. (Circle One) FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY CHM 2210-U01, U02 – ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I Fall 2011 Dr. Keller Dr. Landrum EXAM II (V1)
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Exam II (V1), Page 2 1. The following electron configuration represents _______. A) the ground state of boron. B) an excited state of boron. C) the ground state of nitrogen. D) the ground state of carbon. E) an excited state of carbon. 2. Identify the atomic orbitals that make up the C-H sigma bond in HCN. C H A) (p, p) B) (sp, sp) C) (sp, sp 3 ) D) (p, 1s) E) (sp, 1s) 3. VSEPR theory predicts an identical shape for all of the following, except : (hint: draw the Lewis structures before deciding) A) H 2 CO B) BH 3 C) BH 4 1- D) CH 3 1+ E) All have the same geometry 4. In which molecule does the arrangement of valence electrons on the central atom have a linear geometry? ( hint: Draw the Lewis structures before deciding. ) A) SO 2 B) HCN C) N 2 O D) H 2 S E) OF 2 5. Select the LEAST polar bond. A) C-O B) C-F C) C-H D) N-F E) N-H 6. Indicate the hybridization of the elements (except for the hydrogens) in the following compound: A) x – sp 2 ; y - sp 2 ; z - sp 2 B) x – sp2; y – sp3; z – sp3 C) x – sp; y - sp2; z – sp3 D) x – sp2; y - sp2; z – sp3 E) None of these choices is correct. 7. Hydrogen bonding A) requires at least one N-H, O-H, or F-H bond. B) is a common intermolecular attractive force in alkanes. C) can occur between a compound and water even if the compound cannot hydrogen bond with itself. D) is the weakest intermolecular attractive force. E) both A and C 8. Which of the following molecules is polar? A) only I is polar B) only II is polar C) only III is polar D) I and II are both polar E) II and III are both polar 9. In which of the following would you expect the central atom to be sp 2 hybridized (or approximately sp 2 hybridized)? ( hint: draw the Lewis structures before deciding ) A) AlCl 4 1- B) CO 2 C) CCl 4 D) F 2 CO E) All of these 1s 2s 2p x 2p y 2p z H 2 C N CH 3 x y z CH 3 Cl CH 2 Cl 2 CCl 4 I II III
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