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final exam review sheet - Descriptive vs. analytic...

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Final Exam Concepts Quantitative vs. qualitative data Nominal vs. Ordinal data Interval vs. ratio data Measures of central tendency – mean, median, mode Graphical illustrations of distributions (i.e. skewed, histogram, frequency polygon, normal distribution) Types of data o Census data o Vital statistics o Race/ethnicity Ratio Proportion Risk vs. Rate Morbidity measures – incidence and prevalence (and relationship between the two) Crude vs. adjusted rates Confounding – define, control, analyze Standardization – direct vs. indirect SMRs Survival measures – PRM, years of potential life lost, etc. Theories of disease causation – Koch, Hill, Epi Triad AR & PAR concepts – calculate & compare Hypothesis testing Null hypothesis Confidence intervals Power Type I and Type II error Sample size – factors that influence
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Unformatted text preview: Descriptive vs. analytic epidemiology Study designs cross sectional, prevalence, clinical trial, nested case control, cohort (prospective & retrospective), case control, natural history, ecologic/correlational studies, case study o Advantages/disadvantages o Measures of association (OR, RR) Bias definitions/types, measures to control Confounding definition, measures to control Studying trends Maps advantages, limitations Infectious epi o Modes of transmission o Outbreak investigations Surveillance active, passive, sentinel Screening Calculations Variance Standard Deviation Prevalence Incidence Crude rates Specific rates Adjusted rates SMR AR, AR% PAR, PAR% Attack rates Case fatality rates Infectivity Pathogenicity Virulence PPV, NPV Sensitivity Specificity...
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final exam review sheet - Descriptive vs. analytic...

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