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Care Day! Marigrace Porcelli 12-6-2011 KIN 253 The first out of class learning I attended was Iowa State University Care Day. It was the beginning of the year, which made it a great opportunity to get out and meet new people. There were many students there to help out and it was a great success. You got to choose which services you wanted, between mulching, and trash pick up. I decided to do the mulching, because I had never done it before and I had no idea what to expect. There were big trucks of mulch and we had about 7 people putting mulch into their wheelbarrows. Then there were about 10 people to spread the mulch around the trees. We did all the trees by the food science building and the Argomy building.
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Unformatted text preview: It was really neat to see everyone working together and working hard. We each served an hour and a half. The day was perfect, it was hot and perfect for work. It was also nice to see the workers that we see everyday working outside at all hours of the day have time to sit back and relax a bit. It was great that we had to do this for a class because I dont think anyone would have been out. So I thank the teachers who made that required. Anytime we have a chance to get out in the community and make a difference is a great idea to take. Not only to you get the self pleasure, but you also get to put it on your resume....
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