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service learning paper KIN 253

service learning paper KIN 253 - Service learning Marigrace...

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Service learning Marigrace Porcelli KIN 253 11-10-11 Having an opportunity to make someone smile or feel normal is the most fulfilling feeling one can feel. During my service learning I was able to experience this, and I couldn’t be more blessed to change someone’s life even if it was for an hour and a half. For my service learning I went to One Heart Equestrian Therapy, where I worked with challenged children and adults. We would start by leading the horses out to the ring and getting there saddle straps on. Then we would need two side walkers where we would have to lean our forearm against the consumors hip to keep them on tight and secure. We would have one volunteer leading the horse as the therapist went though the class. The therapist would start by having the horses walk around the ring to get warmed up then followed up with different stretches. They would reach back to touch the tail of the horse and then lean forward to hug the horse, along with other stretches by the consumer. We would then start in the games where they were asked to follow directions.
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