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Poverty has been one of the biggest issues in the United States and one of the reasons for poverty to occur would be the theory of "Flawed Character”. The writer clearly points out the famous saying "No pain, No gain" in this theory as he states many individuals are poor because of their own actions. Individual deficiency is one of the major reasons for people living in the poverty, as they do not work hard enough to prepare themselves to produce productive outcomes. Since our early days we our sent to schools and colleges to gain education so we can be more skilled and knowledgeable so we are prepared to reach a point where we have to earn the bread and butter for our family. Individual deficiency occurs when people do not take the initiative to earn some money so they can have a better standard of living for themselves and their families. Furthermore, having education or the skills to work hard gives the opportunity to make rational decisions and more rewards at the marketplace during their phases of life and we all know that
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