online_education[1] - Budget cuts are on its rise, and so...

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Budget cuts are on its rise, and so is the limited funding for the major educational institutions all over the nation. As a result of this many colleges and universities are shifting towards online education, so they could save some money and still continue to educate their pupils. As a matter of fact, online education and E-learning are becoming more popular day by day, as it has become very convenient for many people to enhance their knowledge and achieve a college degree, so they could have a fruitful career ahead of them. However, with the increase in the enrollment for E-learning, the standards of the education system have declined due to the lack of effectiveness of skills and knowledge gained through such courses. To begin with, I personally thought that online education was the introduction of the new information era. Due to its convenience and low cost, it attracted a vast amount of the population, whether it was those white collar job employees whose jobs were eliminated due to the immense development of technology or those high school graduates who couldn’t afford to pay their university bills. Furthermore, our recent generation which is considered to be very competitive, requires everyone to be equally qualified and skilled if they wish to succeed in life and online education has opened doors for those who didn’t have the time or the money to carve a niche for themselves. In my opinion, online education was meant to give opportunity to those
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online_education[1] - Budget cuts are on its rise, and so...

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