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Toward and Empire in the Pacific The first American merchant ship dropped anchor in the harbor of canton, China. Treaty of Wanghia (1844) American merchants in China enjoyed priviliges. Missionaries began to flock into the country. Why were Hawaiian Islands Important? Because they were an important way station on the route to China, and by 1820 merchants and missionaries were making contacts there. As early as 1854 a movement to annex the islands to the United States existed, although it foundered because Hawaii insisted on being admitted to the union as a state. In Hawaii the tendency wa to form a special position but to accept the fact that Europeans also had interest in the islands. American commercial privileges in China were not disturbed. American influence in Hawaii
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Unformatted text preview: increased; the descendants of missionary families, most of them engaged in raising sugar, dominated the Hawaiian monarchy. While they made no overt effort to make the islands an American colony, all the expansionist ideas of the era-manifest destiny, Darwinism, Josiah Strong’s racist and religious assumptions, and the relentless force of American commercial interests-pointed them to that direction. In 1875 a reciprocity treaty admitted sugar to the United States free of duty in return for a promise to yield no territory to a foreign power. When this treaty was renewed in 1887, the United States obtained the right to establish naval base at Pearl Harbor. In addition to occupying Midway, America obtained a foothold in the Samoan Islands in the South Pacific....
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