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MAE 184 – Spring ’09 Page1 of 4 Clock Project Notes Organizing Engineering Drawings Just as the assembly file does not contain each part file, the drawing file similarly is associated with the part files in the directory. Thus a drawing file will not open if the part files are not included in the directory from which it is being launched. Another similarity between the drawing and assembly files however is that more than one part file can be associated with it. When you open a new drawing, you associate the drawing with a part in the New File dialog box. After you have added the original view, other views of the same part can be added to the drawing with Insert>Drawing View> General or the corresponding icon. In order to add another part to the same drawing, it must be associated to the drawing file. This can be done by clicking File > Properties , then, in the Menu Manager selecting File Properties > Dwg Models > Add Model . From the file browser, select the model you want to add to the list of models associated with the drawing. Let’s look at an example. The winding mechanism consists of several small parts, all related and able to fit on a single drawing. Consider the Winder support, the key shaft, the drum, the ratchet, the pawls, and paul pins. The gears will be included with all the other gears, so they need not be represented here. (NOTE: In the prototype clock
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