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Psych 101 Chapter 1 Notes - Psych 101 Chapter 1 Notes...

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Psych 101 Chapter 1 Notes 28/09/2007 15:16:00 Psychology: the scientific study of behavior and the mind. Behavior refers to actions and responses that can be observed and measured directly. The mind entails thoughts and feelings that must be inferred from directly observable responses. Critical thinking involves taking an active role in understanding the world around you, rather than merely receiving information. It also means evaluating the validity of something presented to you as fact. Basic research: reflects the quest for knowledge purely for its own sake How and why of behavior, thoughts, and feelings Applied research: designed to solve specific, practical problems. Use basic scientific knowledge to design, implement, and assess intervention programs. Goals of Psychology: 1. Describe the behavior of people and other species 2. Understand the causes of these behaviors 3. Predict how people and animals will behave under certain circumstances 4. Influence behavior through the control of its causes 5. Apply psychological knowledge in ways that enhance human welfare. Levels of Analysis examines behavior and its causes. Biological Level: brain processes, genetic influences, etc. Psychological Level: thoughts, feelings, motives, etc. Environmental Level: past and current physical and social environments that we are exposed to. Mind-body interactions: the relations between mental processes in the brain and the functioning of other bodily systems. Is our behavior primarily shaped by nature or by nurture? – wrong question.
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Nature, nurture, and psychological factors all play a part in the understanding of behavior. Perspectives: different ways of viewing people. Serves as lenses to examine and interpret behavior and catalyze progress and develop newer viewpoints. Mind- body program: Is the mind (the inner agent of consciousness and thought) a spiritual entity separate from the body, or is it a part of the body’s activities? o
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Psych 101 Chapter 1 Notes - Psych 101 Chapter 1 Notes...

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