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MAE 184 PRO-E NOTES FLANGED T The hero(ine) of this weeks assignment, Jane, comes finds the adjacent note on her desk Wednesday morning. Having a full schedule for the week, but 20 free minutes before her first morning meeting, she decides to get the part done and insert the dimensions later. She switches on her computer and pours a cup of coffee while everything is booting up and proceeds as follows: 1) She opens a new part in the working directory where she keeps all of Bill’s projects and names it “MANIFOLD_T_JEA” (part name tagged with initials). 2) She knows that there will be dimensions coming, so she defines the parameters required to create and modify the pipe. Tools>>Parameters. A default value has to be defined for each of the parameters. (OD/ID – Outside/inside diameter; BHC – Bolt-hole circle). Which parameters can be quantified based on the information she has? a) ________________________ Are there any other parameters needed to define the T- pipe missing in the figure to the right? (Hint: Yes!) 3) Her next step will be to define datums where the features will be placed. If she starts her pipe on the top plane, she can define a bottom plane offset from the top plane by the distance PIPE_LENGTH. This is accomplished by using the datum plane tool (shown selected to the far right) then selecting the TOP plane. Try it. Notice the arrow pointing upwards away from the TOP plane, indicating that the plane will be placed above the selected plane. Since it should be below, a value of “- PIPE_LENGTH” is entered in the Offset Translation box. Also she names the plane “BOTTOM” from the Properties tab.
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4) A similar datum plane, “T_CONNECTION”, is constructed to the right of the RIGHT plane. Assuming the RIGHT plane goes through the middle of the pipe,
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MAE 184 Flanged_T - MAE 184 PRO-E NOTES FLANGED T The...

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