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Welcome Project - Welcome Project MAE 184 on the grid,...

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Welcome Project MAE 184 Welcome Project (xxpts.) 1) Start a new drawing and activate GRID and SNAP (on the status bar). Click on the LINE icon on the DRAW toolbar. Move your cursor watching the coordinate window on the lower left of your screen until you are at the point X= 0.5 , Y= 8.5 (coordinate display will read 0.5000, 8.5000, 0.000). Now draw a line to the point . 5, 5.5 ; then continue the line to 1.5, 6.5 . Use the space bar to detach the rubber band from the cursor when you are done with the line. 2) Now try typing ‘ line ’ on the command line. Note AutoCAD responds on the command line with “Specify first point”. Using your mouse to move around, draw another line from . 5, .5 to .5, 3 to 1.5, 2 . Try another from 3,0 .5 to 4, 3 to 5, 0.5 . 3) You can also type in the coordinates instead of using the mouse. This is sometimes quicker when you know exactly where you need to place a line. Typed coordinates can be entered as either absolute or relative coordinates. The difference is that the absolute coordinate refers to a location on the grid, whereas the relative coordinate refers to a shift in location from some reference, usually our present location. Absolute and relative coordinates can be entered by preceding the coordinate pair with a # or @ symbol respectively. Hit the spacebar again and read the command line. If a LINE command was the last command that you used, striking the spacebar should return the line prompt asking from what point you wish to start. Type in ‘ 7,3 [enter]’. Note the prompt in the command line “Specify next point”. Type in the point # .5,3 [enter]. Now enter the enter the point @ 0,-2.50 . What are your coordinates at this point? _____________. This is because we are now working in relative coordinates. Rather than going to the point 0,-2.5, AutoCAD moved from the current location 0 units horizontally and down 2.5 units. (Depending upon which version of AutoCAD you are working in, the absolute or relative coordinate may be the default entry mode, so you may not have to type either the # or @ symbol, for now we will use both to be sure we know what coordinate type is being entered.) Continue the line to the right by entering @1.5,0 then [space bar]. 4) The MODIFY toolbar is
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Welcome Project - Welcome Project MAE 184 on the grid,...

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