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Mae 184 Notes on detailed view..

Mae 184 Notes on detailed view.. - MAE 184 Notes Detailed...

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MAE 184 Notes - Detailed Views. Sometimes we want to ‘zoom in’ on a small portion of one of the drawing views in order to clarify the detail in a particular section. Pro-E allows us to do that by inserting a detailed drawing view into the drawing. An example of how the detail of the end of the vise screw might be detailed is shown below. Below the figure, is a copy of the help file from Pro-E explaining the procedure. Also check the help files for notes on section and broken views. A broken view example can be found on the notes on finished drawing requirements. 1. Click  Insert  >  Drawing View  >  Detailed . The  Select  dialog box opens.  2. Select a point in an existing drawing view that you want to enlarge in a detailed view. The  drawing item is highlighted and you are prompted to sketch a spline around the point.  Sketch a spline encompassing the area that you want to show in detail.
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