Exam 2 part 2 MAT194 Callahan

Exam 2 part 2 MAT194 Callahan - 8 The following figure...

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Unformatted text preview: 8. The following figure gives the graph of , a quadratic function with vertex (9, 6). A) Find a formula for f(x) which is in vertex form. B) Find a formula for f(x) which is in standard form. 9. The graph of graph of contains the point (–4, –2). What is the corresponding point on the ? 10. Below is a graph of the function . Sketch a graph of coordinates of at least 4 points on the transformed graph. and label the 11. Bonus. You want to fence in a rectangular area for a dog run along the back of your home. Your home will serve as one side of the run, so you only need to purchase fencing material for the remaining three sides. The fencing material costs $1.50 per foot, and you have a budget of $90.00. How many square feet are in the largest dog run you can afford to build? ...
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