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Guidelines for Lab Reports

Guidelines for Lab Reports - group did and found in the...

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Guidelines for Lab Reports MAT 194 The lab work and reports in MAT 194 will serve as methods for achieving some of the goals of this course. For each of the four labs, you will be assigned to a group to work on the lab during class. You will be assigned a partner (or two) to work with to finish the lab outside of class and to write a lab report on the group’s work and conclusions. Each person in the group must actively participate in completing the investigation outlined in the lab instructions. Each member of the group must also participate in the final write-up of the lab report. This means that each person is expected to read the report before it is submitted, making revisions and corrections as necessary. The first name on the report should be the person who typed it up. The responsibility for typing it up will rotate through the partners. A lab report is not to be simply a list of responses to the questions outlined or asked in the body of the lab assignment. It should be an essay, in paragraph form, that discusses what the
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Unformatted text preview: group did and found in the course of answering the questions in the lab. Complete, coherent sentences are a must! The report must be typed and double-spaced and should include relevant graphs and equations. While it is preferred that the equations and supporting mathematical work are created electronically, they may be neatly hand-written within the report. Graphs must be created electronically. The report must be written in a way that anyone with precalculus knowledge could understand what was done, even though they had not looked at the lab previously. The report must be understood on its own. A good lab report contains the following: • an introduction explaining to the reader what the lab was about; • a body that discusses the concepts involved, provides a description of the procedures your group used, and insights the group gained during the course of the work; and • a conclusion that gives an overview of the results and summarizes what you learned....
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