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Names: ________________________________________ Total Score: _____/25 ________________________________________ Total Score: _____/25 Lab Report Rubric Pre-Lab Preparation* (5 points) completed the pre-lab assignment on time (before lab begins) _____/5 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Writing Elements (6 points) includes an introduction explaining to the reader what the lab was about _____/1 includes a conclusion that gives an overview of the results and summarizes what you learned _____/1 is written as an essay, in paragraph form, and is double-spaced _____/1 has complete and coherent sentences using correct grammar and
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Unformatted text preview: spelling _____/1 • includes relevant graphs, equations, and supporting mathematical work _____/1 • is able to stand alone without the lab activity _____/1 Mathematical Elements (14 points) • standard mathematical notation is used _____/1 • graphs and equations are clearly labeled and identified _____/1 • all of the lab questions are addressed within the body of the report _____/2 • all mathematical work is clear and correct _____/3 • makes clear how you arrived at your findings _____/2 • explains the mathematical concepts clearly and correctly _____/2 • shows insight into the mathematical ideas involved in the lab _____/3 Total _____/20 * Individual grade...
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