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WebAssign Registration Instructions

WebAssign Registration Instructions - Enter your user...

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WebAssign Registration Instructions Go to HYPERLINK "http://www.webassign.net." Click on LOG IN on the left side of the page. Click on I HAVE A CLASS KEY. Enter the class key by entering syr in the first box, 2024 in the second box and 3049 in the third box and then click SUBMIT. Make sure you see my name there (Elizabeth Quinn Callahan) and then click on “Yes, this is my class.” Select “I need to create a WebAssign account.”
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Unformatted text preview: Enter your user name (make sure it is your SU NetID) and password of your choosing, then click on “Create my Account.” The next page confirms your information, so click on “Log In Now.” Now, you are logged in; you can select “Purchase an access code online” if you need one, or if you have one with your new textbook that you purchased at the SU book store, you can click on the left hand button to enter that....
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