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WRT 205: Reading Questions: Sara Ahmed, “Recognising Strangers”  1) What does Ahmed mean when she says that “we recognise somebody as a stranger , rather than simply failing to recognise them” (21)? How would Ahmed define what a “stranger” is? Can anybody be a “stranger”? 2) What roles do vision and language play in differentiating the “stranger”? 3) Ahmed also states that “a recognition of those who are out of place allows both the demarcation and enforcement of the boundaries of ‘this place’, as where ‘we’ dwell” (22). How would you paraphrase this statement? Who does Ahmed refer to when she says ‘we’? What is the relationship between the “stranger” and “us”? How is it determined? 4) How does Ahmed conceptualize the “neighborhood”? How is it formed, and what is its function? How do these middle-class neighborhood spaces become “valued”? 5) Consider the following statement: “The signifier ‘suspicious’ does an enormous amount of work in
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