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Politics of Music--Unit 3 Project Assignment

Politics of Music--Unit 3 Project Assignment - WRT205 The...

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WRT205: The Politics of Music Unit 3 Project Sampling is the hip-hop process of saving snippets of pre-recorded music and sound into a computer memory. These sounds become cut from their original source and pasted into a new composition. In hip- hop, the “take whatever you find and use it” principle acts as the dominant force in sampling. Whatever is available to composers (samplers) often includes TV shows, political speeches, past musical recordings of a variety of genres, or any sound at all. Through the complex juxtaposition of these isolated sounds, samplers construct new forms of meaning [emphasis added]. (Jeff Rice, “The 1963 Hip-Hop Machine: Hip-Hop Pedagogy as Composition” 454) In this unit, we will build off of our previous discussions about music’s relationship to appropriation, representation, censorship, religion, sexuality, space, and so on. This time, we will be focusing on a particular musical technique—sampling—for our own political ends. Working in groups, you will compose a sampling project that draws awareness to a local community that is not always visible in the city of Syracuse. Your collaborative task will be to research your community and to “sample” various ways that it has been represented in order to “construct new forms of meaning,” as Jeff Rice notes in the quotation above. As we have practiced in previous units, your research should look at the community from multiple perspectives in order to help you to complicate your understanding of it. Ultimately, through
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