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WRT205: Politics of Music      Unit 3 Project Proposal Due date: in class on April 6th In your multimedia presentation (and in the written essay), what is it that you hope to show in  relation to your community?  What do you want your audience members to take away from your  presentation?  In other words, what claims do you plan to make about this community?  You can  also reference the questions on the assignment sheet for ways to go about answering these  questions. What about this community interests you?  What about it do you think is most compelling or  important?  That is, what events, people, spaces, social challenges or triumphs do you plan to  focus on?   What else do you need to learn about your community in order to construct an 
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Unformatted text preview: appropriate, thoughtful argument? What samples (as of now) are you planning to use? How do you think that they advance your argument or otherwise enlighten or engage your audience? What sources do you still need to find, and do you have any plans for how to go about finding them? What preliminary links have you made between or among your samples? (i.e. do you have plans at this point to pair a certain song with a certain image, etc.) **Please include a bibliography of at least four sources (these can be anything—images, songs, scholarly articles, newspaper articles, etc.)....
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