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Unit 1 assignment

Unit 1 assignment - WRT205 The Politics of Music Unit 1...

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Unformatted text preview: WRT205: The Politics of Music Unit 1 Essay Assignment Your task for this paper will be to offer your informed position on the issues and questions that have guided our class thus far. Now that you have read a variety of authors and heard the perspectives of your classmates, what do you think music is? What role do you think music plays—or should play —in society? What does it mean that issues of class, gender, race, etc. may play a role in the formation of “taste”? Is there such a thing as “objective” good taste? You should frame your responses clearly and carefully within the debate that we established in our class readings and discussion. More specifically, you will write a 6-7 page essay in which you critically analyze three texts from the unit and add one outside source of your own choosing. You should limit and focus your discussion by organizing your essay around one or two questions that you will use to interrogate each of your texts (you may use the questions above, those listed on our syllabus and unit calendar,...
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