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Unit 2 paper proposal

Unit 2 paper proposal - • Who are the spets regarding...

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WRT205: The Politics of Music Unit 2 Paper Proposal Your proposal should be 1-2 pages, and it should include a bibliography (using proper MLA format) of potential sources. In it, you should answer the following questions: What is your general topic or area of interest? What specific problem, question, or issue within this general area do you plan to focus on? List any/all potential claims that you are thinking about making at this point. Which song (or songs) are you thinking about using to help illuminate this problem/issue? Who are the stakeholders in this issue? (That is, who does this problem matter to? Who would care about the consequences of your research? This is basically the “so what” response.)
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Unformatted text preview: • Who are the spets regarding this issue? What authors/what types of sources will you need to read in order to understand how others are writing about your topic? • What are the main arguments being made on this issue? • What might these main arguments fail to account for? Whose perspectives might they ignore or marginalize, whether implicitly or explicitly? What assumptions do they make? In other words, this is where you tell me how your research reflects a new or different or modified approach to the topic. • What is your own investment/interest in this project and how might it influence your research or construct your bias? Due date: Tuesday, February 23. Worth 2 homework grades....
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