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Unit 3 presentation criteria - Does the presentation...

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WRT205: The Politics of Music Unit 3 Presentation Checklist Does the presentation make effective use of sampling techniques? In other words, does the presentation use its samples thoughtfully and analytically to create new forms of meaning/new ways of understanding the community? Is the overall design of the presentation effective in helping the audience to grasp its message? Does the presentation present clear, recognizable claims about the community and/or its place in the city of Syracuse?
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Unformatted text preview: Does the presentation reflect a critical, creative approach to the topic? Does the presentation reflect thorough, detailed, and creative research? Does the presentation reflect sufficient planning and practice? Do the presenters effectively interact with and engage the audience? Does each group member contribute substantially (more or less equally) to the presentation? Do the presenters display appropriate body language and enunciate clearly?...
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