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HP0-698 HP Supporting the HP ProLiant Storage Server Product Family
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QUESTION: 1 What does Volume Shadow Copy provide?. A. backup to disks B. LUN duplication C. point in time copies D. data replication to a remote site Answer: C QUESTION: 2 What does network interface controller (NIC) teaming provide? Select TWO. A. fault tolerance B. better data protection C. IP support on Fibre Channel D. higher throughput E. IP support on SCSI Answer: A, D QUESTION: 3 An online spare CANNOT be assigned to which RAID level? A. 0 B. 1 C. ADG D. 5 Answer: A QUESTION: 4 Which protocol is used for network file and print level access in a Microsoft environment? A. Network File System B. Server Message Block C. Sequenced Packet Exchange D. Network Transfer File System
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Answer: B QUESTION: 5 In which security environments can HP ProLiant Storage Servers be deployed? Select THREE A. Active Directory Domain B. Unix Directory Service C. Windows NT Domain D. RADIUS Domain E. Workgroup F. Network Information Services Plus Answer: A, C, E QUESTION: 6 HP ProLiant Storage Server "multiprotocol support" means the support of _____. A. IP on 10Mb, 100Mb and 1Gb Ethernet B. NFS, FTP, SMB, etc. for client access C. SCSI, FC, FTP etc. for storage access D. WebUI, iLO and command line interfaces Answer: B QUESTION: 7 The domain controller configuration functions are missing on an HP ProLiant Storage Server and the customer complains about the incomplete operating system installation. How can the problem be solved? A. HP ProLiant Storage Servers provide simultaneous support for multiple domains, but cannot be domain members. An additional server is required. B. Domain controller functionality is excluded from HP ProLiant Storage Server software by default. Installation of the DC feature pack is required. C. Domain controller functionality is disabled on single HP ProLiant Storage Servers. A cluster configuration is required. D. The Windows Storage Server operating system does not support domain controller functionality. An additional server is required. Answer: D QUESTION: 8
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