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Finishing processes 138 Valery Marinov, Manufacturing Technology 7.2 FINISHING OPERATIONS Introduction As the name of this group of abrasive operations suggests, their objective is to achieve superior surface ±nish up to mirror-like ±nishing and very close dimensional precision. The ±nishing operations are assigned as the last operations in the single part production cycle usually after the conventional or abrasive machining operations, but also after net shape processes such as powder metallurgy, cold ²ashless forging, etc. The ±nishing processes discussed in this section include honing , lapping , super±nishing , polishing , and buf±ng . The typical surface ±nishes for these operations are presented in the ±gure. Also presented for comparison are surface roughness values for ±ne grit size grinding. Honing Honing is a ±nishing process performed by a honing tool , which contains a set of three to a dozen and more bonded abrasive sticks . The sticks are equally spaced about the periphery of the honing tool . They are held against the work surface with controlled light pressure, usually exercised by small springs. The honing tool is given a complex rotational and oscillatory axial motion, which combine to produce a crosshatched lay pattern of very low surface roughness:
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ME364_abrasive_finishing - 138 Finishing processes Valery...

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